1. What is the Full Churrasco Experience?

In our Full Churrasco Experience, you can indulge in premium fire-roasted cuts carved table side and in all of the delicious and fresh options available to you at our Gourmet Hot and Cold Table.

2. Can I consume from the Gourmet Hot and Cold Table?

Yes, you can choose to only consume from our Gourmet Hot and Cold Table. You also have the option of choosing the Full Churrasco Experience or the Chicken and Seafood options, all of which include the Gourmet Hot and Cold tables.

3. Where can I know more menu pricing details?

You can visit terragaucha.com/locations and choose which location you want to go to in order to see more details about our menu pricing.

4. Do I need to reserve a table?

Reservations are not required, but we encourage you to go to terragaucha.com/reservations to book your table, especially if you’re coming to visit us on weekends or on holidays.

5. Is there a dress code I need to follow?

While we don’t have a specific dress code in place, we recommend a smart casual dress code.

6. How do I book a group reservation?

For parties over 15, you can visit terragaucha.com/groupdining to get in touch with us in order to enjoy our exclusive group packages and easily make your group reservation in one of our private and semi private spaces.

7. Does Terra Gaucha have a kids menu?

While we don’t have a kids menu, children between 0 and 5 years old are complimentary, and children between 6 and 12 years old are half-priced.

8. Does Terra Gaucha offer vegetarian options?

Yes! We know we’re famous for offering our guests an authentic Churrasco experience, but our Gourmet Hot and Cold Table offers a variety of fresh dishes and locally sourced vegetables that will cater to your needs.

9. Does Terra Gaucha offer gluten-free options?

We take pride in serving a large portion of our menu gluten-free. Please inform your server of any dietary or food allergies restrictions.

10. Does Terra Gaucha have any special offers for birthdays?

Yes! Sign up for our email club -Terraclub, you’ll not only enjoy $25 off your check when you visit us, but you’ll also receive a $25 birthday dining card to be used on your next visit. Must show birthday email offer from Terra Gaucha. Other restrictions apply. Must show the birthday email from Terra Gaucha to redeem this offer.* 

*Restrictions apply

11. Does Terra Gaucha have any special offer for anniversaries?

Of course! Celebrating your anniversary at Terra Gaucha will guarantee you a night to remember with our Ultimate Churrasco Experience and a free dessert for your table, and you’ll also receive a $25 anniversary dining card to be used on your next visit! Just be sure to sign up to our email club -TerraClub to be able to redeem this offer
*Restrictions apply

12. What is “Terra Bites”?

Terra Bites is the name we’ve given to our happy hour. From Monday to Friday (4:30 pm to 6:30 pm), you can enjoy a selected menu available at our patio or bar. It’s exclusive to Terra Gaucha Stamford.

13. How do I join Terra Club?

If you want to receive special offers, important notices and updates, visit terragaucha.com/terraclub to join Terra Club.

14. How can I apply to positions at Terra Gaucha?

If you’re interested in working with us, we ask that you go to terragaucha.com/careers to find out more about it.