Brazilian picanha takes second place as the best dish in the world

Brazilian picanha won second place in a ranking of the 100 best traditional foods in the world, the Tasteatlas Awards 2022. Data from the federal government show that the country produces 9.7 million tons of beef and exports 25% of production.Brazilian picanha takes second place as the best dish in the world

Another Brazilian dish that stood out in the survey was the cow swamped, a typical country food that came in 29th in the ranking. The dish from the south of Mato Grosso is made up of a combination of beef and cassava.

According to the Ministry of Tourism, Brazilian fish also ranked well in the award, with moqueca in 49th place at the 2022 Tasteatlas Awards. The dish is usually made with shrimp and fish such as whiting, sea bass, dorado and dogfish.

The last Brazilian dish to appear in the survey is tropeiro beans, typical in São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Goiás. The food mixes beans, dried meat, bacon and cassava or corn flour.

Data from the World Tourism Organization show that gastronomy is the third main reason for travel across the planet.

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